Thanks for answering a few questions to help us plan some fun joint Dabble & Project Fixup classes and events. We really appreciate your help!


Project Fixup and Dabble are partnering to offer several fun classes this winter so that unattached lovers of learning can both learn something new and meet new people with similar interests. How interested are you in taking one or more of these classes?

Which of the below class topics interest you for a joint class? Please select all that apply.

What other class topics might interest you?

Project Fixup and Dabble are also considering organizing a few informal happy hours in addition to the class lineup. How interested would you be in attending a Project Fixup + Dabble happy hour this winter?

What days would work best for you for a monthly class / happy hour? Please check all that apply.

Are you currently a member of Project Fixup or Dabble?

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Share your email address if you'd like us to drop you a note as soon as the first class is open for signups.

Thank you text for all your help! We look forward to announcing the Project Fixup + Dabble class series in January! If you have any other questions, email
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